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Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th of december 2019
at the Exposition Center - Le Mans (72), France

Salon des ETA is:

  • 1 unique concept in France
  • 30 000 m² of exhibition space
  • 250 makes on show, represented by national suppliers
  • 12 247 visitors in 2017, exclusively agricultural contractors
  • 1 single aisle so that visitors don't miss a thing the fair and exhibitors are sure of seeing all visitors
  • 1 two-yearly rendez-vous right in the heart of agri contractor territory
  • 1 trade fair with pre-registrated entries only
A unique concept in France, Salon des ETA the only trade fair exclusively dedicated to agricultural, forest and rural contractors, and more especially to machine operators and mechanics.
This two-yearly event is being held this year, on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 December 2015 at the "Parc des Expositions" in Le Mans (72, France).

Salon des ETA, give your business a boost ! 

Why is Salon des ETA important ?

For visitors
  • It's the one and only trade fair exclusively destined for you and your team
  • Exhibitors present their product range which is specially designed for agricultural contractors
  • It's the chance to meet national reps of the makes that you use
  • It's 30 000 m² to see the latest European innovations in terms of machinery
  • It's 8 000 m²foe the oppportunity to test material
  • It takes place just when you are making investment decisions
For exhibitors
  • Agricultural contractors are buyers of high value-added products. Equipment is renewed 5 to 15 times more often by agricultural contractors than farmers
  • It takes place just at the time when agricultural contractors are making investment decisions
  • Salon des ETA is 30 000 m² for the only trade fair that is specially designed for you to exhibit your products and material for agricultural contractors and their teams
  • It's the ideal occasion to meet this high potential target clientele
  • It's held in Le Mans, France, right in the heart of the area where the majority of French contractors (whose main business is mixed-crop and livestock and/or arable crops) are located
  • It's 8 000 m² for the unique opportunity to get visitors to test your material
  • Salon des ETA has a single-aisle concept so that you are guaranteed of seeing 100% of visitors in front of your stand
A few figures :
  • 96% visitors satisfaction
  • 83% of 2013 visitors would like to come back in 2015




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Salon des ETA

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